Christine Murray is the choreographer for Stiletta. She hails from Annapolis, MD, and has lived in New York City since she was five. Her passion for dance was first ignited in ballet class when she was seven years old, and she began studying at the Henry Street Settlement on the lower east side of Manhattan. When she was nine, Christine attended a summer program at Broadway Dance Center in Hell’s Kitchen and met her mentor, Bev Brown, who helped guide her career toward hip-hop dance. She continued to train at BDC, where she still frequently teaches, and through Bev, she met the pop rock singer-songwriter, Katie Neil, and quickly became her backup dancer and choreographer. Christine is accomplished in a variety of dance disciplines ranging from tap, jazz, modern, and contemporary, to ballroom, African, hip-hop, and Flamenco. Her style, which incorporates elements of street jazz, freestyle and groove step, also bears the indelible mark of martial arts influence, owing to her studies at the Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters. Christine puts a fresh twist on the fundamentals of hip-hop dance, and she believes that dance is much more than a sequence of movements – it’s a feeling, and attitude, and a form of self-expression.

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